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With the Jewish Passover, Christian Easter and Druze Nabi Shu'ayb now over, everyone is trying to resume one welcome routine or another. The thousands of passengers returning home can now visit the cultural venues and compare the choice of local exhibitions with those they have seen in different museums around the world. You can currently find here some collection exhibitions that offer quality, even though they introduce no novelty or any exciting, controversial approach. Quality is not a bad thing and accordingly, you may explore the Israel Museum collection, including such Israeli culture gems as Yitzhak Danziger’s Nimrod, which never fails to inspire deep appreciation. One exhibition in the museum is dedicated to Arie Aroch. Unassuming in scope but high in quality, it is the kind of exhibition that you can only wish to be much more encompassing.

The Ein Harod Art Museum is currently running an exhibition that looks into the artistic mood, while assuming different angles as it sets on a deep exploration of the institution’s attitudes on collection and art display. A prime sculpture exhibition –Boaz Vaadia’s works – is currently on show at the Tefen Open Museum. It is a rare opportunity to see a large assortment of works by this unique artist and delve into the contents that engaged him over considerable periods of his life. It is also a chance to get an up-close sense of the Sisyphean work involved in the unique, intricate sculpting language that Vaadia chose to express his ideas.

Samia Mahmoud’s highly important exhibition “Child/Bride” failed to garner the resonance it deserves. This exhibition explores child marriage and the subjugation and exploitation of girls by a strict, patriarchal society. I find this issue highly important and would like to see a regular interaction taking place between the artist, with her work, and the different women’s rights organisations.

Many additional, fine exhibitions are currently on show in different art venues throughout Israel, for everyone to enjoy. The added value of coming face to face with quality works of art reflects in inner richness and irreplaceable experiences. The depth of the works can make us soar to altitudes otherwise inaccessible. Treat yourself and bring your families and friends along.

Hana Barak Engel
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