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The Uneasiness Inside

Is it okay to go out, have fun, visit exhibitions and galleries, and enjoy a good restaurant – while the war is continuing at full blast?
Two months ago, we examined the clich? 'when cannons are heard – the muses fall silent,' and proved that it might be true after an initial shock – but soon enough the muses awake and come into action, since they are a source of healing for the wounded soul and reality's horrors.
We also expressed the wish that while the muses are not silent, the cannons should stop roaring.
But both reality and our leaders are preparing us for a long, extended war. The threats surrounding us have not decreased. The arguments among us have not died out and at this moment – we're alert and ready for any surprise or development.
And the muses naturally continue to inspire. Because there is no other choice. Because artists and creative individuals express themselves and the thoughts through art. It is their essence. It is an important step in the process of self-healing.
The art-loving public also needs this healing. One can go for psychological treatment or choose to go out to exhibitions, workshops, plays and music shows.
But have we gotten used to the constant background noise of the war? Are we still afraid to peep at the news every morning and see the headline beginning with the words 'we can now sadly declare the falling of…'? And do we still receive alerts from our phones as to the sirens sounding constantly in the north and south?
Our natural instinct, which also enables us to survive, guides many of us to go out and resume our smaller and larger habits, the things we used to do before the war. Almost five months have gone by since October 7th, and life must go on.
True, it doesn't really feel right. It's not easy to have fun and seek new experiences while soldiers are still fighting in Gaza, and after so many families have lost their dear ones. And we can't forget the thousands of mentally and physically wounded, adding to this excruciatingly long and unconceivable list. And all this, while hundreds of thousands of residents in the south and north cannot return to their homes for so long, and missiles continue to land on military bases and civilian towns and villages.
And, of course, the hostages. Human beings, women and children that the army and state failed to protect. People like you and me, who lived their lives peacefully in their homes or went out to party – witnessed the gates of hell opening upon them.
So how can we enjoy ourselves while the hostages are still languishing deep underground, without us knowing who is still alive and who isn't?
These are complex questions and difficult emotions to handle, and one can understand that many people celebrating their birthdays or weddings make a point of stating humbly that this year the celebrations will be modest.
And still, there's no choice. We must return to some sort of routine.
And everybody understands that, even the families of the dead and the wounded. Because if we stop life now, it will be a sign of surrender. That would be a huge victory for the despicable enemy.
We will go out, experience, celebrate and allow ourselves to enjoy ourselves – but we will never forget and never forgive. Ever!

Yoram Mark-Reich, Culture Editor
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