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Ziva Yalin at Cabri Gallery

The solo exhibition of the artist Ziva Yelin, at the Cabri gallery connects the peripheries of kibbutzim, Galilee, and Negev, Beeri, and Cabri. Yalin, brings a personal interpretation to sights, landscapes, and familiar objects. She handles memories, peels, and sheds, composes, invents, draws, and examines the truth of the image and the nature of nostalgia.
In the center of the exhibition stands a pile of hollow furniture made of brown wrapping paper. A decomposing and leaking reservoir built with toil. Furniture that was collected, wrapped, removed from their shells, and piled on top of each other. Objects from the kibbutz environment were designed in a language that ranges from realistic to poetic.
What is the frequency that operates our body, in the direct encounter with the objects of memory, which send us through a time tunnel to the past? The compassionate feeling sparked by the familiar sight lost in time. Yalin, brings us together with the elusiveness of the moment and echoes for us the great question of existence, the question of memory and forgetting, identity and place.
Dr. Ziva Yalin - artist, manager, and curator of Beeri gallery. Leading the art faculty at Kay College.

Curator: Tamar Hurvitz Livne Read more

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