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Yael Riber at Tova Osman Gallery

Yael Riber, born in Belgium, always felt like a caged bird without wings. Even after she turned from an introverted, dreamy child into a successful architect, she struggled with the conflict between the fundamental need to be grounded and her desire to fly away and realize herself.

Since she found her wings, she does not put them aside for a moment: they appear as a recurring motif in many of her paintings, with a power that stands out throughout her creations.

Her works illustrate the illusion of human happiness and the tension between perfection and freedom, when through a variety of techniques, she presents realism that strives for perfection—and its fracture.

Jerry Melitz, the famous art critic, once said: "Make art in all styles and genres you feel like." For Riber, this saying became her life's mission. Along with painting, she also expresses her art through sculpture, drawing, and other techniques that combine art with a wide variety of raw materials (among others—food).

Alongside her personal creations, she also teaches children and adults how to spread their wings and experience creativity and connection to themselves through art.

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