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Pnina Nedivi

Sculpture in bronze entails using copper tin alloy, as preferred by the classical Greek and Roman sculptors. Bronze is expensive and can be melted several times. Sculpting in bronze is, in fact, a bronze casting of sculptures in the lost wax casting process.
The material in sculpting allows artists to express their inner world, sometimes as part of a struggle and sometimes as part of their personal dialogue with the material. In her bronze works, Pnina Nedivi seems to hold a dialogue with her materials. The issues she focuses on deal with her dynamic life and the spirituality surrounding her. The works were created following personal inspiration, evolving from her inner world and personal need, bubbling from within her as a formal expression of her spiritual- emotional world. In her works one can see the outburst of emotions, sensations, sensuality and personal exposure in the form of metaphors. Her works clearly feature the figure's body parts, making use of very clear lines, enabling the identification of the sculpted metaphor.
In some of her works, Nedivi adds to the metaphor blue or white angels wings, creating a sensation of flowing and the will to fly. The body of her sculptures seems feminine and seems to symbolize the artist's wish to fly and grow. There is a sensation of hovering; spreading the wings reflects the artist's wish to embark on a new, different, journey. One can say that Nedivi's sculpted figures powerfully and directly address experiences, with the wings in her works representing spirituality, growth, angelic qualities, defense and steering away from the familiar. Through her works one can also sense her long, life experience. The wings in her works also testify as to her cynicism, her willingness and sense that this is the time to spread her wings and swap the banal, familiar place for a new, different, path.
Moreover, Nedivi's works also offer optimism, dreaming and the will to devour life and live it anew, in her own way, as it seems that her time has come to step out and express her wishes and dreams in the creative world. The artist does not beautify life, she learns to listen to herself and to her experience. Therefore it seems that Pnina Nedivi is experiencing with materials, studying materials and sculpting metaphors from her personal life, that seem to have been far from easy. In many of her works we see her wishes and aspirations to be complete with herself and the place she found herself in her life. Through her metaphors one can sense she wishes to devour the world, reveal herself and her wishes and express herself through her artistic endeavors.
The wings motif reappears in her work often, a different variation each time. Sometimes the wings are painted blue and sometimes white. The wings in Nedivi's work have a spiritual, god-like dimension, testifying to the will to release the past and fly off in a new direction. Her sculptures often express her will to live life differently than up to this point, and through her creative work, to express her inner world, that was seemingly forced into a forgotten corner.
Nedivi's style of sculpture is, indeed, realistic, but one can identify touches of surrealism. In each work, the artist underlines a different motif in her work, by using turquoise or white. The colors add to the sense and movement of the work in dimensions and space. The wings are metaphors, expressing her wish to spread her wings on a new journey, leading to an unfamiliar place, where she and her art are acknowledged. For her, now is the time to fly away from her beloved, familiar nest, towards an unknows future, towards creativity and looking directly at the sky. Home is indeed a wonderful place for the artist, but there is so much more on the other side of the mountain, and the journey will be full of creativity and creative work. As Allan Watts one wrote: "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance."

Dr. Anat Ein Gedi
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