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The invitation to visit the Museum of Art, Ein Harod turned out to be a lovely experience. The long drive through magical landscapes set the stage for a collection of exquisite exhibitions. The museum remains true to the criteria of art institutes established with the purpose of allowing viewers to enjoy the choice of local art (the current collection comprises Israeli shows). All five exhibitions stand in their own right, while the curating variety allows to delve into each and observe it diffe...Read more...
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"Your Gaze …." Lea Topper
ood remains as it had been. Sometimes scratched, its cracks and creases immortalize lost time. They serve as a voluminous platform for the realist painting that corresponds with classical traditions. ...
Bitter water At the municipal Gallery rishon lezion
ends with photoshop design of a water purification facility by Elinor rotem. This and other desalinations fullfill the need of water in our region which is given to droughts and has limited resources....
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Eliyahu Fatal at Bat Yam Museum of Art
ke a spacious spiral with natural illumination. Some twenty years ago, however, the pavilion’s exterior walls were closed, internal partitions were built on the top floor, and the windows were sealed....
Elie Shamir at Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod
omprehensive presentation of Shamir’s work, which engages with Israeli masculinity and the Zionist ethos through art as a bearer of beauty, compassion, and recognition of the limits of the human gaze....
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Shoshana Levit Artistic Elevation
Her works are characterized by combination of contrasts: light and dark, minimalistic and full of details, which forms joyful compositions, with textural and chromatic richness. In several occasions ...
Creation of New Worlds Tsaphie Zohar Stendel
ses and creates new worlds without using tangible paint brush and paint. The quality of the creations which are distinguished in their reliability, allow more operating spaces and freedom of action. ...
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