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Michael Hazin at askila Gallery Yaffo

At his exhibition, the painter Michael Hazin takes us to a new journey in a familiar world. His inspiration is from the world of nature. he creates abstract representations that focus on color and texture and not in a realistic description of the subject, which allows viewers to see the natural and daily world in a new and exciting way, creating a sense of visual abstraction.
Michael Hazin work use live and bold colours that creates a sense of movement and energy. He uses dynamic compositions, that look like leaping from the fabric, giving his work a sense of immediate and prominent presence to the viewers, turning his work visually impressive and unique.
Hazin connect to various styles , we would not have believed that they could dwell together on the fabric, and as soon as they connect each of the styles gets a new and elevated meaning.
His style is contemporary and vibrant, Yet based on the classic and modern painting traditions. Hazin's art was presented in galleries and museums around the world and won many awards for his works.

Curator: Itay gabay
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